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Scrumptious Fudge and Licorice Candies

Get the perfect gift for any occasion when you come to the Cottage of Sweets of Caramel-by-the-Sea, California. Our irresistible selection of fudge and licorice candies is sure to make your mouth water.


We began making our own fudge in the shop in 1981. We use fresh butter, cream, and nuts to produce the finest quality of fudge. We make all of the standard fudges and add specialty fudges during the holidays. All of our fudge is sold by the pound.


Our collection includes licorices from Australia, Finland, Germany, Holland, England, Italy, and of course, the good old USA. They include soft, hard, chewy, sweet, bitter, salty, and numerous different mixes. All of our licorices are sold by the pound.

Chocolate FudgeLicorice
Contact us to purchase fudge and licorice candies for your friends and family members.